Don’t Wanna Drive Cab No More, No I Don’t Wanna Drive That Taxi Cab No More, No More, No More!

This simply past Sunday morning while at the same time sitting tight about 3 hours for my first charge, I stuck around for my chance tuning in to “Preachin’ the Blues,” taking note of with intrigue Johnny Horn’s component concerning the as of late passed away melody maker, Rick Hall, organizer of both Muscle Shoals Studio and the “Spirit Sound” it made well known. Duane Allman was his first in-studio guitar player.

Exhausted, I started singing improvised verses to the tune of the one of Hall’s created tunes, singing “I don’t wanna drive taxicab not any more, more!” which is sensible when not one but rather two hours passed and I am currently leaving my-mind, miserable to squander the time away. At long last getting a call before hour 3 terminated, I went from Crown Hill to Ballard for $14.00 add up to which included 5 for a tip. After that it abruptly improved as how might it deteriorate?

This motivated me to considering how we genuinely don’t require 55 extra taxis on Seattle’s taxi avenues, adding further to our neighborhood limit semi taxi transportation. While everybody related with the City of Seattle Licensing Department are extraordinary people, none of them have ever determined a taxicab, consequently are gaily unconscious of the inalienable enduring and agony appended to this business.

In the event that anybody conceives that on the off chance that I was the one accountable for authorizing I would not do all that I could to stop this up and coming issuance, at that point I would state reconsider on the grounds that I know the planning of these new emblems is a gigantic error, something that ought to have happened 20 years prior however not in the current down business atmosphere that we are presently all confronting. PLYMOUTH TAXI I couldn’t care less that they are simply actualizing a choice made years back. It is the wrong choice at the wrong time. I utilized the word merciless in depicting my experience as a proprietor in an email reaction to John, the current permitting executive. Also, severe it is, kicking my money related butt everywhere. One of lines from yesterday was “My butt cheek is sore, I don’t wanna do this no more!”

One noteworthy issue I have with the City and County is their absence of data concerning the duties of taxi possession. As of now, the main way you will survive is to work 7 days seven days a seemingly endless amount of time after month, granulating yourself into the taxi ground. It is an unacceptable quality of life, and no real way to have an existence, changing the uninitiated into taxi zombies. Who needs to be a zombie? No me, that is without a doubt.

What I think the City and County ought to do is direct a proprietor workshop before issuing these new emblems. Contract me and others to help, enabling us to advise everybody what it is genuinely similar to be a proprietor. On the off chance that subsequent to being instructed the Taxi ABCs despite everything they need to claim a taxi, at that point fine yet to start with, might we furnish everybody with a solid measurements of reality? Wouldn’t that be useful, moral and just? I figure it would be.

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